SENIOR STAFF NURSE (Wellness@Hougang/Buangkok)

Job responsibilities:

  • Performing screening and comprehensive clinical assessment of clients for admission.  
  • Utilise a care planning approach in the care management of the clients 
  • Perform nursing procedures such as medication management, wound care, stoma care, continence management etc;
  • Perform health assessment and monitoring of general health conditions.
  • Utilise a Person-centred approach in the delivery of the care for clients with dementia. Manage and supervise care staff in the management with behavior issues.
  • Adhere to infection control practices at all times and disease outbreak response, when required.
  • Perform care coordination to liaise with other care providers, if required.
  • Make referral to other members of the healthcare professional team and/or other service provider to transfer care, if necessary.
  • Participate in multi-disciplinary round to integrate care.
  • Supervise the care staff to maintain a safe environment and adhere to infection control practices.
  • Ensure the timely reporting of incident and adverse event to Centre Manager and DON/SNM.
  • Review and discuss with DON/SNM on any clinical related problems encountered in patient’s condition and/or in the handling of patients and/or care-givers/family members.
  • Maintain timely and accurate documentation of patients’ condition and care given.
  • Exercise appropriate use of resources and supplies. Plan the clinical resource and first aid resource for patient outings.
  • Assist Centre Manager in reviewing of client’s clinical condition and suitability for the programme/activities.
  • Initiate emergency resuscitation when client’s collapse and critical incidents such as falls, injury that happens.
  • Provide caregiver training programme and health education to patients/caregivers and evaluate the teaching effectiveness to meet their needs and expectations. Conduct patient education and workshops to equip caregivers with the required skillset to support patients.
  • Participate in quality assurance and quality improvement initiatives.
  • Orientate and coach new nurses and serve as liaison, resource person and preceptor to care staff. Train and supervise care staff to provide quality care and maintain a safe environment; prevent falls, medication assistance and reminders, adherence to infection control practices, dietary and fluid restrictions, maintenance exercises, ensure personal hygiene, and assessment and first aid when necessary.
  • Assist the Centre Manager and/or DON/SNM to improve, facilitate and implement changes for the SCC processes.
  • Assist the Centre Manager and/or DON/SNM to handle complaints and initiate service recovery.

Job requirements:

  • Registered Nurse with Singapore Nursing Board
  • Minimum 3 years of experience working in acute hospital setting and/or community hospital setting
  • Experience working in Senior day care centre
  • Degree in Nursing and/or Advanced Diploma in specialties preferred.