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Our star volunteers graduate from NVPC’s Be.Live Program

On 15 November 2014, two of our volunteers, Suzhen and Nurul Jannah graduated from a 6-month volunteer and leadership course,  Be.Live organised by the National Volunteer and Philantropy Centre (NVPC). The aim of this course is to equip volunteers with leadership, programme design and volunteer engagement skills. At the graduation ceremony held at the NVPC, participants reflected on their learning journey and how they can use the skills attained to further enhance their agencies’ volunteer programs.

Both Suzhen and Jannah are holding full-time jobs but their passion to serve the community and the less privileged were the primary motivation for both ladies to sacrifice their precious time for the program. Over the years, both ladies has rendered helping hands to befriend patients, and to take part in various fundraising activities with HNF. Through this program, our inspiring ladies shared that the sacrifice was worth it as they have gained invaluable skills in events planning and in relating to people. We sure hope to see more volunteers stepping forward to lead and serve with us for needy patients in the community.

Congratulations Suzhen and Jannah!

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HNF receives generous donation from the Lee Choon Guan Trust Fund

Undergraduates from the National University Singapore (NUS) Business School embarked on a pilot programme -  Measuring Success in Philanthropy and Impact Investing –  which received a generous grant of $40,000 from Mr Keith Chua, Philanthropist and Chairman of the Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy (ACSEP), and Trustee of the Lee Choon Guan Trust Fund. The program holds a primary objective to equip young aspiring philanthropists with relevant skillsets to make wise philanthropic investments. As part of the program’s curriculum, students have to use frameworks and tools to assess if a charity is donation-worthy. After a rigorous assessment conducted by the students, Home Nursing Foundation was deemed to be the most donation-worthy put of 77 charity organisations. To support the organisation’s cause to serve the elderly and less privileged living in the community, an additional $5,000 dollars was donated to the Organisation and this amount is atop of a $5,000 donation given by Mr Keith Chua. HNF is indeed honoured to have the support and to be recognised by NUS and ACSEP. With the generous donations given, we will be able to continue to reach out to the less privileged community who are in need for home-based care services. To read full article, click here.

Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund

With effect from 1 July 2013, the government’s expanded Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF) now covers a much wider range of assistance. At HNF, subsidies of up to 80% on consumables such as milk feeds and adult diapers will be provided for lower-income elderly to help defray the cost.

Revised Means-testing Income Tier Cut-offs

The Ministry of Health is enhancing the subsidy for patients requiring community home-nursing and medical services. With effect from 1 July 2013, the per capita monthly income cut-off has been raised from $2,200 to $2,600.

Who We Are

Home Nursing Foundation (HNF) provides integrated and comprehensive care services to patients in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. These services consist of home-nursing care, home-medical care and social welfare. For home-therapy and social support services such as food delivery and personal hygiene care, HNF links patients to appropriate community resources through our trusted collaborations.

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