Founded in 1976, HNF is the largest and most established home healthcare service provider in Singapore.  Our services have benefited many patients in need of home care since 1976. We provide our patients with not just physical and mental care, but also social support to help nurture their general well-being. We seek to understand your needs and to develop care plans that support you and your loved ones at home.

Our services include:

These services are carried out by a team of professional Nurses and affiliated General Practitioners (GPs), Therapists and Medical Social Workers who make regular home visits. For patients who require social services such as food delivery and personal hygiene care, we help them get in touch with the appropriate providers.

Averagely, we care for close to 5,000 patients, making almost 38,000 home visits annually.  Close to 70% of our patients are bed-bound or have mobility issues, and many of them have at least three to five medical conditions such as stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Our patients are usually referred by hospitals, polyclinics, general practitioners and medical social workers. Find out more about patient referral and charges.