Fundraising & Sponsorships


Organising a fundraiser is a meaningful way to raise funds for HNF in supporting the more needy patients served by us. Involve your family, friends and colleagues now by organising a fundraiser to help our more needy patients. We also conduct awareness talks on the value of HNF’s high quality, comprehensive and affordable home healthcare services including care-coordination, caregiver training and education. Share your idea with us by contacting our team at 6854 5504/5505/7745 or email us at!

Private fundraisers are appeals for donations made to known persons of the organiser such as the organiser’s colleagues and/or the organiser’s personal network of friends or family members. To organise a private fundraiser, it is not necessary to apply for a fundraising permit from the Singapore Police Licensing Division.

Examples of private fundraisers include:
– Personal efforts such as completing a marathon, mountain climbing
– Selling of handmade art and crafts to personal contacts
– Charity fair / bazaar within a school or company premises
– Charity golf tournament for company employees and / or business associates

Public fundraisers are appeals for donations made to members of the public. For public fundraisers, a fundraising permit is required from the Singapore Police Licencing Division. For more information on the application of licences, please visit the Charity Portal.

Examples of public fundraisers include:
– Events such as charity concerts, dinner, golf tournaments, marathons etc . where tickets are sold to members of the public
– Initiatives such as gift wrapping in shopping malls with appeals for donations to the public
– Proceeds through sale of products through the organiser’s stores or retail outlets
– Bazaars or carnivals in public areas

At HNF, we keep our fundraising low at 7.8%, ensuring that our patients benefit the most out of your donations.


Corporate or individual sponsorships will help to defray the costs of running HNF programmes and initiatives such as our social and recreational outings for HNF patients.

  1. Event Sponsorship

    HNF organises events such as patient outings or public awareness events . HNF welcomes collaborations with sponsors on services or items that include but are not limited to the following.

    • Venue Sponsorship
    • Transportation Sponsorship
    • Event Management Services
    • Advertising Spots
  2. Donation in Kind

    Medical supplies donated to HNF are set aside for our patients’ use, prioritising those who are most in need. Should you wish to donate any supplies to help our patients out, kindly call us at 6854 5555 or email us at for more details. 

    Please note that we are not accepting medicine as donations.

  3. Daily Necessities

HNF volunteers sponsor and deliver daily necessities to patients’ homes, prioritising those who are most in need. Some of the items may include shampoo, detergent, wet wipes etc.

* We regret that we can only accept items that are relevant to our current needs and demands to avoid unnecessary wastage of donated items from well-wishers. For perishable items, we will not be able to accept items with a shelf life of less than six months. We thank you for your understanding

Adopt Us as a Charity

We welcome opportunities to work with corporations on your Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. By partnering HNF, this will provide your colleagues with the experience of giving back to the community on a meaningful platform which promotes team-bonding.

Should you require any assistance or clarification, please get in touch with us at or contact our team at 6854 5503/5505/5504.