Care Management at Home

A little thought and careful organisation are all it takes to set up your home and daily routine in a way that can accommodate your needs and allows you to manage your household more easily. While our nurses strive to provide the optimal nursing care, a certain amount of self-care on your part goes a long way in making sure that your daily needs are independently fulfilled.

Here are some tips for care management at home:

1. Setting up your living space

To ensure that your home is safe and secure, make your home as clutter-free as possible. Store or discard any hazards such as loose rugs and exposed electrical wires. If you are wheelchair-bound, make sure there is enough space for you to move around easily. Install handicap-accessible devices where necessary in areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

2. Plan a daily hygiene routine

It is important for you to observe good, daily hygiene practices such as regular brushing of teeth, and bathing. Be sure to set up a routine to ensure that these activities are not neglected.

3. Plan meals

Skipping meals is another common problem for those who live alone. You should eat your meals at regular hours as it is important in maintaining your health and in keeping your spirits up. You can also arrange for meal delivery services if you are unable to cook.

4. Participate in activities

Maintaining your mental health is equally important. You can start a hobby, join a club, or sign up for social activities to help prevent social isolation and allows regular contact with other people or meet new friends.