HNF Wellness is an integrated care facility that takes care of our seniors’ health and social needs, providing caregivers with a peace of mind through our programmes--Maintenance and Dementia Day Care, Community Rehabilitation, Centre-based Nursing, Home Care and Active Ageing Centre (Care). Using a person-centric approach, our programmes are designed to keep our seniors active physically, mentally and socially through different forms of activities and empower our seniors to age joyfully and with dignity in the community.

Daycare Services

  • Provides care and supervision to frail seniors during the day while their families are away at work.
  • Offers a range of activities including maintenance exercises, social and recreational activities that help seniors remain active and encourage social interaction with others through fun and meaningful activities.


Dementia Care Specialised programmes

  • Engage persons with Dementia in meaningful activities and basic exercises to slow down the deterioration of the individual’s physical and mental functions.


Community Rehabilitation

Our teams of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists work together with our seniors to customise therapy activities based on an individual’s needs.

We offer:

  • Customised programme to help our seniors improve their functional ability and to encourage ageing-in-place, and wellness in the community.
  • Structured group activities to help seniors maintain their functional status and enhance their social well-being.

*Speech therapy is also available for patients with swallowing and communication disorders.  


Centre-based nursing  

  • A range of nursing services including wound management, feeding tube management, urinary catheter management, stoma care, medication management, as well as chronic disease monitoring.


Active Ageing Centre (Care)  

  • A  centre where seniors can participate in recreational activities, remain socially connected and contribute to the community. Our seniors are empowered to age with joy through A- Active Ageing, B- Befriending, C- Care & Support and D- Development of our community.