Clinical Team

Our multidisciplinary team of affiliated Nurses, General Practitioners (GPs), Therapists and Medical Social Workers are readily available to provide a range of home healthcare services.

Nurses’ Experience and Qualifications 

Our nursing team adopts a high standard of care and ensures that care provided is holistic and individualized. Combining professionalism, expertise and compassion, with the focus centred on the patient’s healthcare need. Highly qualified and well-trained, all our nurses are registered or enrolled with the Singapore Nursing Board and have worked in acute hospital settings for a minimum of three years. Over 70% of our registered nurses have at least an Advanced Diploma in Specialist Nursing and/or a Degree in Nursing.

  • Advanced Diplomas in Orthopaedic Nursing, Gerontology, Medical-Surgical Nursing and Emergency Nursing etc
  • Bachelor of Nursing or equivalent
  • Master of Nursing

Affiliated General Practitioners

Our panel of affiliated General Practitioners (GPs) provides home medical services including chronic illness management, regular review of patients’ health status by making house calls to patients’ homes to provide medical consultation. Working alongside with the nurses and therapists, we provide holistic and long-term medical care to our patients. All our GPs are accredited with the Family Physicians Accreditation Board and registered with the Singapore Medical Council.


We offer physiotherapy and occupational therapy to assist patients in improving or maintaining their functional status. By adopting a team-based approach, the therapists work closely with our nurses and GPs to deliver comprehensive care that addresses the patients’ needs. In our ongoing commitments to serve our patients better, we broadened our home therapy services to include Speech Therapy in April 2017. All our therapists are registered with The Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC), a professional board under the Ministry of Health.