Patient Referral and Admission

Patients are usually referred to HNF by hospitals, polyclinics, general practitioners and medical social workers. They can also contact us directly at 6854 5555 or via email at

If you are a general practitioner and would like to refer your patient to us, please complete the AIC referral form here. Once completed, you may fax the form to AIC at 6820 0730. Alternatively, you may email the completed form and doctor’s memo as supporting document to

If you would like to engage in our home care services, please complete the HNF service request form here. Once completed, you may email the completed form to

We will assess the patient’s condition and needs during the initial visit. A personalised plan is developed to ensure that proper care and care management is provided. Our aim is to allow patients to recuperate comfortably in a home environment while remaining independent at the same time.

Our services are delivered to patients in a way that they preserve their dignity and integrity while respecting any cultural, linguistic and social differences.

A schedule of home visits will also be arranged. If the patient has a caregiver, we will provide home-based training on basic nursing techniques as well as tips on hygiene care, nutrition and other relevant topics.

Home nursing, home medical or home therapy visits will be provided for as long as it is required. Each case will be periodically reviewed to ensure that the most suitable attention and care is given.