IDOP 2022 – Inspiring Seniors’ Stories

Mr Lim Che Tang, 80

When Mr Lim Che Tang, 80, was referred to HNF Wellness@Hougang in 2020, he was wheelchair-bound after a surgery that resulted in half of his stomach being removed due to gastric cancer. He felt helpless due to his limited mobility and was determined to recover as quickly as possible so that he could live a normal life again. While at the senior care centre, he took the initiative to participate in as many exercises as he could to regain his strength and even searched online for activities that would help him recover faster.

With strong determination and perseverance, Mr Lim only took a year to recover and now, he even cycles to the nearby market to buy groceries on the weekends. Viewing household chores as a good opportunity to keep fit and exercise, he regularly helps his wife out with housework despite his many health conditions.   

An academic by trade, he is especially enthusiastic about learning new skills and knowledge. His positive and uplifting attitude spills over into his days at the senior care centre where he actively makes new friends and participates in various centre activities. He also uses YouTube to learn new exercises and skills like Qigong, TCM and calligraphy.

Mr Lim’s unwavering desire to improve himself despite the challenges that he had faced reminds us to be on the constant journey for self-improvement even when the going gets tough.



Mdm Hajjah Khadijah Bt Kurdi, 68

Mdm Hajjah Khadijah Bt Kurdi, 68, has many interesting life stories to share. From being the first woman to operate a forklift in Singapore to being selected for the National Badminton and Netball team in her youth, she has led a fulfilling life that is incomparable to many.

While working, she was offered many opportunities to pursue her career overseas in places such as New York but she chose to decline the offer because of one reason – family. To her, family is everything. She would rather sacrifice her career than be apart from her family in a foreign land. Even when she was diagnosed with numerous health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and end-stage renal failure, she still took on the role of the main caregiver to her parents and three siblings who have now, unfortunately, all passed on due to health issues.

Despite Mdm Hajjah’s deteriorating health, the unconditional love and dedication that she has towards her family serves as an inspiration to all.


Mdm Seah Gek Kee, 72

As someone who lives life to the fullest, Mdm Seah Gek Kee, 72, has always enjoyed picking up new skills to enrich her life. Her curiosity and keenness to learn have seen her dabbling in hairdressing, make-up application, and interior and fashion design on the weekends.

When her late mother fell sick, she gave up the pursuit of her interests to devote her time to making ends meet and caring for her mother. With the bills stacking up, Mdm Seah, took up part-time jobs as an accountant with ten companies at the same time, sacrificing her well-being and sleep – the longest she stayed awake to rush out her reports was three days.

When Mdm Seah was diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes and renal failure in 2019, she was forced to retire. Due to her health conditions, she now goes for her dialysis treatment thrice a week and was referred to Home Nursing Foundation due to her foot ulcer wound.

Despite the challenges that she has faced, Mdm Seah still possesses a zest for life, choosing to stay optimistic and keeping her mind and body active by designing her own curtains and sewing a wedding gown for her niece with the skills that she has gained over the years. 


Mdm Soh Siew Huay, 84

Taking care of someone with special needs can be challenging and requires a lot of patience. For Mdm Soh Siew Huay, 84, her world revolves around caring for her 53-year-old son with special needs. As her son’s sole caregiver, Mdm Soh always tries to be by his side to provide care and support.

Mdm Soh’s focus has always been on her son. When her son was younger, she would rush back home after work to take care of her son and help with his daily activities such as showering. Even as she ages and faces various medical ailments like high blood pressure, her son is still one of her biggest worries. She frets about leaving him alone at home and would bring her son out with her wherever she goes, including to medical appointments. Her son tends to get frustrated frequently due to difficulties in communicating but she patiently tries to understand the needs of her son.

While life has not been easy for her, Mdm Soh has displayed the power of a mother’s unconditional love for her children – even when things get tough, she grits her teeth and pushes on for the sake of her son.